The introduction of the internet has significantly brought about many changes to the way man conducts his relationship affairs also, has the creation of online dating sites created a new avenue for relationship participation and now since, it is easier for one to stay in his house/her house and chat one another getting to know more about people have gotten easier and sometimes, long distanced relationship could be a great gain in actualizing some of this relationship trends.

In essence, it is, without a doubt, to say the creation of these online dating sites have made marriage a thing of old and something to frown upon. Given the current state of the United States, many people today would look for people only looking to have casual encounters rather than seeking out people for a long term and committed relationship.

Similarly, before I initially started trying dating sites, I was as comfortable as I wanted and being in my early 30s , I had a good residence and a good life and I wasn’t having the  experiences of getting into a different relationship or having casual dating, I was actually  searching for a soul mate to settle down with and I have to say the dating site was a great idea and then I was able to get my soul mate there and today after 13 years we are happily married and we have two great kids