It is a true fact that the first step in any relationship can only be acquired through the first date. As partners, the young people as well as the old, prepare for such a day they eagerly anticipate what is going to come and inwardly they pray they don’t spoil the date. The older men believe it is a harder step for them to take today because their age could bring some limitations for them and so, they probably like to search for younger people on who prefer fun and can accept them for whom they are.

An important factor to note if you happen to be an elder man who is on the verge of going on a date, the first is anticipate the fact that age is merely a number and does not call for any hindrance to the fun you can have and so, being an elder does not mean you forgo all those pleasures who engaged in your youthful days such as taking the girl in your car to see a movie, or taking the girl to a bar, taking the girl to a restaurant or even taking the  girl to see a concert. In dating, you are advised to make things interesting even for you and your date meet.


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It is sometimes a mystery to people who imagine and ask the question, which is that someday would the act and practice of marriage in the world would get outdated or not? However, in response to this question, I would say there is probably no chances of marriage losing its continuous history but still, it can be said to an extent that the act and practice of marriage are losing its popularity among the youths of the 21st century.

As a recount of personal experience in the year 2003 I was approached by a local newspaper who wished to get some information from me and their demand was that one reputable member of their staff who happened to be a reporter could not keep a good relationship with a partner and they wanted to know from me why he seemed unlucky in this aspect, though he was good at his job and he had a lot of qualities ladies would admire and then I was able to advise them and years later there was a transformation in the relationship aspect of their staff.

In response to the aforementioned question of if the marriage would ever get outdated? There are various opinions about this question but the most that stands out is that, marriage is a very honorable decision and it is needed for binding two parties in the eyes of everyone and it is a commitment which extends for life and the true acceptable answer to this question is never can marriage be eradicated for it is a continuous part and would continue to be the way of life for man.


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